waters graphics‚Äč

aka: watersgrafix

Resident of Midland, Michigan since 1976.

Worked as Freelance Artist for years doing work for Dow Corning and Dow Chemical plus numerous Advertising Agencies in the Saginaw Valley area. Worked with Gouache, Water Color, Oils, Air Brush, Pencil  and Computer Art.

Later worked at Dow Chemical for years doing Design, Illustration, Publication, Cartoons, Caricatures, Awards, and Logos. 

"The Presidents Award " pictured here was a joint effort with Steve Space on computer.  I had knowledge of Mobius Strips and as the client was looking for something onward upward and never ending search for quality had the line drawing made into the Mobius Design and sold the idea to her.  She loved it as did the Dow President.  The pic with me and the Award were for a Brochure at that time.